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WED         BSC PRU 12PM


THU         MENS YOGA 7:30PM

            HARVARD GSD 1PM

FRI         BSC PRU 10AM





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Private Instruction


One on one yoga and/or meditation instruction allows you to build on your personal practice as we explore specific intentions with greater focus. In a private session my attention is all yours. Here, the goal is to equip you with the tools necessary to sustain continuous development of your personal practice. Private sessions also allow for the space and time to introduce non-yoga specific elements to your regimen. These elements serve to better assist you in bringing forth healing to particular states of dis-ease. In this way we more holistically move forward and closer to a sustainable, general sense of well-being.

Progress on an individual session by session basses or purchase sessions in groupings of 5 or 10 at a discounted rate to set and meet longer term goals. Inquire about scheduling, pricing and locations by completing the form below. Thank you!   


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Group Instruction allows for the practice of yoga and/or meditation to be tailored specifically for individuals with similar needs. Create a group for family, friends or co-workers. Gentle Yoga for delicate bodies, corporate accounts for lunch-time or after work yoga, and special events such as weddings or birthday celebrations can all be set up by completing the group form below. Thank you!

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'Yoga' originates from the sanskrit and translates literally as 'union'. To meditate is to find the median or middle state, one of equanimity, in one's awareness. Both endeavors seek to achieve and maintain balance in the system we refer to as Self. How do we do this? We contract and expand the flesh and the breath. We intelligently structure and align the bones. We nourish the flow of blood and all corresponding interstitial fluids. This establishes a firm foundation which in turn supports the cultivation and optimal alignment of our mental, emotional and spiritual systems, whatever they may be. Why do we do this? Because it feels damn good; the result is greater and greater direct experience of ease within the core of our being. When do we do this? You decide.

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Check here for new and current updates on class schedule and for special events.


     JUNE 15 - AUGUST 30

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Please provide information for contact or see social/email links below. Expect reply within several business days. Thank you!